Traditional Haircut
Scissors, clippers or both

Traditional Haircut & Beard Trim
Scissors, cliippers or both, beard trim cost ranges from 5-15 depending on the amount of maintenance needed. (consultation recommended)

Buzz Cut
Clippers only includes shampoo

Buzz & Shave

Buzz & Beard Trim

Traditional Straight Razor Shave
(Hot towel prep, hot lather, straight razor close shave, toner, cool down, and aftershave - 1/2 HOUR)

Traditional HairCut & Shave 
(Our Traditional Haircut with a Traditional hot shave, includes shampoo)

Straight Razor Head Shave
(Hot towel prep, hot lather, straight razor close shave, toner, cool down and aftershave - 1/2 HOUR)

Beard & Mustache Trim
(Clippers or scissors, optional straight razor edging)

Shape Up
(Back and sides low, just a cleanup)

Junior Classic Haircut 
(Clippers, scissors or both, includes shampoo)

Scalp or Hair Treatment
(Great for Fine or Thinning Hair or dandruff issues, relax with a hot towel on your face as your scalp or hair gets reinvigorated - allows hair to look and feel thicker)

Color Blending
(Blending your existing greys to look more natural, and fades naturally so there is no line of demarcation)

*All hair services include a shampoo if requested.

Now Making Heros More Super!

We are NOW offering wedding party packages!  

You and your groomsmen, fathers, in-laws, grandfathers can enjoy a shave and a haircut for your big day!

We offer a basic package, and a premium package!  

You can call or email for more details!

We carry J.S. Sloane Premium Hair and Shave products!  

"keeps hair neat all day!"

This new take on the classic brilliantine has been perfected and reformulated to offer the most desirable characteristics of the pomades, waxes, and hair greases of old but without any of the undesirable traits such as greasiness, heaviness, drying, and being impossible to wash out.

These negatives have been replaced by a dapper-gentleman's wish-list of benefits: superb holding, styling ease, an unbeatable hold that's soft to the touch, and best of all, washing out with nothing more than water. The pearlized retro-pink pomade has a fresh scent, a cloud-like texture and comes in two ready-for-close up formulas, heavyweight and mediumweight. Hollywood legend good looks are at your fingertips.

We will be carrying Neptune Haircare, which includes hair, body, beard, and shaving products!